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Jet Ski Tours & Rentals

Ready to amp up your  Mount Snow area summer vacation? How about trying something new this year when you visit the Green Mountain State? Island Jet Ski Tours & Rentals has everything you’ll need to shake up your typical Mountain vacation and create fun-filled memories that will last a lifetime.
Contact us today at (802) 445-5738 for more information about our rentals or to request a reservation at one of our two convenient locations in Englewood and Osprey, FL.

Our Story

Never been on a jet ski before? No problem. Island Jet Ski Tours & Rentals recognizes the importance of safe watercraft usage by providing our customers with operating instructions, safety procedures, and a map of the riding area. All of our watercraft are well maintained and come with life vests for every passenger.

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*Includes life jackets and gas.
Special pricing available for groups, added hours and special occasions.

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1hr $119*

2hrs with tour